Developing the OUV

Led by the GSU World Heritage Team, a committee of civil rights scholars has been preparing a draft statement of Outstanding Universal Value based on UNESCO’s  Criteria for World Heritage.

Chaco Culture, a network of archaeological sites in New Mexico, was designated using Criterion III.

The World Heritage Committee considers how a proposed site meets select Criteria for World Heritage.  There are ten Criteria, four that relate to natural sites while six are associated with cultural sites.  The current draft OUV of the Serial Nomination of U. S. Civil Rights Sites is exploring justification for inscription under three of the Criteria:  Criterion II, the Interchange of Ideas; Criterion III, the Testimony to Cultural Tradition; and Criterion VI, Heritage Associated with Events of Universal Significance.

Taken together, the sites of the Serial Nomination must demonstrate the select World Heritage Criteria in order to verify a Statement of Outstanding Universal Value that transcends national boundaries and demonstrates global significance.