Identifying U.S. Civil Rights Sites

Faculty from the Georgia State University Department of History, its Heritage Preservation Program, and the Center for Neighborhood and Metropolitan Studies are heading up the GSU World Heritage Initiative. The GSU World Heritage Team works under the guidance of the National Park Service Office of International Affairs.

Arkansas’ Little Rock Central High School, a National Historic Landmark, is mentioned in Civil Rights in America.

The Serial Nomination of U. S. Civil Rights Sites builds on three studies of places associated with the African American Freedom Struggle that the U.S. Congress asked the National Park Service to write in 2000. Entitled Civil Rights in America, the three reports follow the themes of the subtitles:  Racial Desegregation of Public Accommodations, Racial Desegregation in Public Education, and Racial Voting Rights.

Using these studies, listings from the National Register of Historic Places, and recommendations from more than 100 civil rights scholars and preservation professionals, the GSU World Heritage Team compiled a list of more than 150 sites associated with the Modern Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s to consider for the proposed Serial Nomination.